Launch Pet Grooming Kit 1 on Kickstarter in April 2021

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Instantly Capture 99% Pet Hair

9000Pa Suction | Removes 99.0% Shedding & Dander | Quietest 52dB | Safe & Reliable | 5 Proven Grooming Tools

We all love our pets, brushing and grooming are the perfect way to keep them healthy and make your pet love you even more, but traditional home grooming tools create a lot of mess and stress, for you and your home.

Neabot P1 Pro is an all-in-one grooming tool kit that is simple to use, effective and affordable. It provides 5 Proven Grooming Tools, and collects 99% of pet hair with the vacuum built-in.

No Mess, no Fuss! With the easy-to-use P1 Pro, there’s no more shaving down entirely, no more tangled hair and no more piles of fur spreading all over the house.

Neabot P1 Pro makes grooming SO simple. Turn your tangled itchy furball into a beautifully clean and comfortable pet at the push of a button. At the same time, you’ll know you’re reducing up to 99% of the dust, dander, hair, and mites that are normally left lying around your home.

 P1 Vaccum Groomer gives 2x the Value Delivered, with 1/4 the Price. 

 If you and your pet enjoy visiting a professional groomer, then Neabot P1 Pro will tide you over nicely between appointments. It’s an affordable home grooming solution that keeps your pet comfortable and your home clean and hair-free, without breaking the bank.

P1 is the world's first home groomer that allows you to optimize your pet grooming to your lifestyle. Traditional home grooming tools create a lot of mess, and distress, for you and your pet. With the easy-to-use Neabot P1, there’s no more shaving and cutting, no more tangled hair, and no smelly piles of fur spread all over the place.

The Neabot P1 Pro is quiet and efficient, thanks to the DC motor and advanced wind tunnel-tested design. A variable three-speed fan adjusts the vacuum's speed and importantly keeps the noise to a minimum so that you don’t frighten your pet. In a very short space of time pets adjust easily to the sound of the Neabot P1 Pro.

Eco mode offers the lowest vacuuming sound at 52dB, this provides the quietness that will ensure your pet feels comfortable. while eco-mode can take care of most hair suction needs.  before you switching to higher suction speed with louder noise. As your animal companion get more and more used to the noise

         Fitted to the Neabot P1 Pro is an extra-long extension hose that reaches up to 50 inches. The extra length provides a safe distance that ensures your pet feels comfortable, plus the soft hose is flexible to reach awkward places and it attaches to all Neabot P1 Pro accessories.

The extension hose adds to the overall flexibility and ease of the grooming experience. For example, the unit can be positioned on the floor while your pet is enjoying sitting in their favorite place on the sofa. No more awkward stretching or reaching for you either!

so much of what goes to the floor can actually be collected in the bin. The Neabot P1 Pro revolutionizes the grooming process by making it simple and stress-free, allowing you and your pet to enjoy the entire experience.

Powerful suction 9000Pa that removes 99% biowastes, including dust, mites, hair, fur, allergens. With your Neabot P1 Pro in hand, you’ll feel like a professional. You can brush and clip, untangle and de-shed, removing malting fur, dust, and dirt quickly and easily and with the built-in vacuum cleaner, every last bit of debris is sucked up without ever touching the floor!

P1 has powerful suction that captures 99% loose hair, removes loose fur from your pet directly into the vacuum.  easily stopping them from spreading around the home. Removes allergens, dead skin cells, unhealthy hair/fur and even dander and dust are captured with vacuuming. 

P1 reduces pet biowastes like danders on fur coat that creates odors by using vacuuming with powerful suction and uses filters to trap and eliminate particles in the grooming process. 

1. HEPA filtering plus optimized circulation design: Thanks to the 180° air inlet and a top air outlet, Neabot P1 absorbs pollutants, while outputting clean fresh air. 

When you want to empty the vacuum cleaner container, simply hold it over the rubbish bin, press the quick-release button and it’s gone!

 Collecting bin 1 button/trigger easy to release. No more hassle to open the case and touch the dirty waste. 

We all love our pets, brushing and grooming are the perfect way to keep them healthy and make your pet love you even more, but traditional home grooming tools create a lot of mess and stress, for you and your home.

Neabot P1 Pro, an all-in-one grooming tool kit that is simple to use, effective and affordable. It provides 5 Proven Grooming Tools, and collects 99% of pet hair with the vacuum built-in.

P1 Pro features a Powerful Vacuuming System that brings your grooming to the next level. Specially designed for home pets, its vacuuming collects harmful particles from grooming.

Our team is on a mission - to build an all-in-one grooming tool that is simple to use, effective and affordable. It must include the right attachments that take care of all your pet’s needs and that, at the same time, collects 99% of the discarded hair and fur, whilst removing the most common allergens that are potentially harmful to your families such as pollen, dust mites, and dander.

Designed for medium and long coats, P1 is great for use on medium and long-haired dogs/cats. for short hair pet, P1 can reduce dander and dust mites too.

You’ll love how easy the Neabot P1 Pro is to use. There are no fiddly buttons or dials. Every tool is easy to attach, simple to use, and does exactly the job for which it was designed.

 For example, the Groom tool removes loose hair from your pet with ease – no tugging or tearing at the fur, even when it’s tangled.

And nothing hits the floor! All the hair is directed up by the vacuum cleaner and securely contained until you’re ready to empty it.

With the Neabot P1 Pro now grooming is just like stroking or patting your pet. Every grooming tool does its job easily and efficiently, so every stroke counts, making the whole process easy for you and relaxing for them.

Neabot P1 Pro uses an effective brush to easily remove that heavy undercoat that so often sheds, and while you brush the fur is vacuumed away at the press of a button.
                        Neabot's quick-release button is a game-changer. At the press of a button, all the collected hair is released from the unit, straight into the bin. Traditional grooming units require you to hold both the brush tool and the release trigger at the same time, something that is particularly awkward if you need to hold your pet as well!

 The button on the Neabot P1 Pro brush is an easy-to-push wide bar so it’s simple to press and release the hair from the vacuum canister.

 The brush itself has thin metal bristles that are comfortable for your pet and designed to brush out all the loose hair. It works particularly well on medium to long-haired dogs and cats. And the vacuum features whisks all the hair away, making disposal and clean up super easy and efficient.

Slicker bristles 364 bristles are angled at 35°, so when pressure is applied they flex to 

an upright position – sweeping through the entire coat and removing loose hair. It plays a key part in capturing allergens during grooming and, at the same time, removes irritating dead skin cells.

With De-shedding, it draws out natural oils produced by dog's skin and fur, that prevents painful matting and hot spots. with malting and hot spots now all taken care of, you’ll know your pet is more comfortable and your family is clear of pet fur.

Most importantly home grooming is intended to be a pleasure – to indulge your pet and strengthen your bond with pet.

We all love our pets and we want them to feel good and look great without compromising our home environment. Now your living space can stay clean and smell-free without the constant battle to sweep up stray, allergy-triggering hair that’s lying around.

 If your pet’s fur is especially thick, or it hasn’t been cut for a while, the trimming tool will easily remove the excess fur that might be making them uncomfortable in the heat. And of course, the vacuum cleaner tidies as it goes, with nothing to clean up later.

Through the warm Summer weather, our furry friends can really suffer with their thick coats. The culprit is their undercoat which now you can help them shed in one easy home grooming session. With the clipping tool for the top-coat and the brush for the undercoat, now you can rest easy knowing they are cool and comfortable.

 Coming back home from a nice walk? Take a moment to wash your hands before making a mess at home.

 If you have an active pet or one who spends a lot of time on your sofa, you can tidy up at any time using the vacuum cleaner function of the Neabot P1 Pro. 

The Neabot P1 Pro is designed to be portable, both in size and usability. Just plug in where convenient and the extension hose enables you to move to the optimum spot to groom your pet.

It has stable legs that stay in place even if you move it by accident. 

Got Your pet that likes to chew on things like a vacuum? no problem! The handle enables you to carry it around and its small size and compact footprint allows you to set up quickly and store it easily. 

 Safety & Reliability are our top priority. Neabot P1 Pro's grooming tools are based on tried and trusted designs that have been used in the pet industry for decades. It’s proven safety features provide reliable and effective operation year-round.

 Neabot P1 Pro is the first portable pet groomer that works with all grooming tools, combined with a suction system. And now your pet can enjoy a thorough brushing without messing up your tidy environment. Imagine – your pet relaxing with an all-over grooming, while you have peace of mind knowing you are making them more comfortable and your home more sanitary.

to avoid making your pet nervous because of vacuuming noise and to make the grooming experience even more enjoyable using P1, simply reverse the grooming steps to above.

Neabot P1 Pro makes grooming so simple that it becomes a truly indulgent and bonding experience.

You know your pet feels better when they’re not carrying around excess hair and dirt – they sit up proud, feeling lighter and cleaner all over. And, of course, you feel better too!

But now it’s not a struggle! There’s no more wrestling with a nervous or unwilling pet, Neabot P1 makes you an instant pro, taking your grooming to the next level. As you indulge your pet in a relaxed snip, clip, brush and tidy routine, the powerful vacuuming system whisks all the hair, dirt and dust away instantly!

Neabot is a team of home cleaning expert that focuses on household cleaning solutions,  after our release of Neabot NoMo N1 robot vacuum cleaner, many supporters ask for a cleaning solution for their animal companion at home,  many cleaning solutions focuses on when the mess already happened, we wanted to pre-emptively collect pet hair and danders before they fall on the floor while creating an enjoyable time for both pets and their owners, that's how  P1 Pro came to life.