| Neabot NoMo: test and opinion of the robot vacuum cleaner with self-emptying


The following is test and opinion on the nebaot nomo automatic emptying robot vacuum cleaner, (Click to view media coverage)


Neabot NoMo is a new innovative robotic vacuum cleaner with the peculiarity of offering an automatic emptying station. I got a chance to test it.

Neabot NoMo

My review of the Neabot NoMo: an innovative robot vacuum

Cleaning is a household chore no one likes, but thankfully modern technology has given us robotic vacuums that allow us to offload this task. Precisely, thanks to the Neabot NoMo robot vacuum, this chore will soon be crossed off your schedule.

test Neabot NoMo

So, before you think, "Another robot vacuum?" "Think again! Because the Neabot isn't like other classic robot vacuums, that's exactly why I'm interested in this machine to do it in my apartment. Fully tested. Guess what? I found several attractive features that other robots in the field do not necessarily have, such as: automatic bin emptying, simple and practical application, efficient guidance system, simple and not too noisy, autonomous Strong sex. Let's break it down!

Self-cleaning trash can

Do you know ? The Neabot NoMo Robotic Vacuum is a project started on KickStarter. Yes, ever. Because if the project owner asked for $20,000 in funding to start their project, they managed to get it from 613 contributors...$256,560! This all goes to show that their minds are clearly more for a few people, and for good reason, the biggest advantage of this cleaning robot is its innovative automatic facial litter box system!

Neabot NoMo : poubelle de vidage automatique

what does that mean? This simply means that the robot contains its own dust bin. So when it returns to the charging base after cleaning your home, it automatically transfers the cleaned waste into a bin lined with a self-sealing dust bag. You can wait 2 to 4 weeks to empty and replace this dust bag.

Simple app and convenient remote control

Cleaning has never been easier for you! Normal because you don't have to do this anymore. Neabot NoMo is a WiFi-connected model with an app that allows you to manage a map with rooms to clean and rooms to avoid by cutting off areas or setting specific restrictions on the app to prevent robots from cleaning' Go for it.

Neabot NoMo application

You have full control of the robot and cleaning times at any time via a smartphone app. In addition, a remote control is provided, which can be used to activate it or remotely guide it to clean specific areas.

Powerful laser guidance system

Interestingly, this robot vacuum has smart anti-collision sensors and soft shock absorbers to avoid obstacles in your home without colliding with furniture. Built-in LiDAR laser navigation and simultaneous localization and map creation technology make Neabot smarter than ever. Personally, when I tested this robot vacuum at home, it never dropped anything. It's even quite surprising to see it slow down before hitting an obstacle.

Plus, Neabot can quickly learn to find itself in your home and build its own optimized cleaning routine. This is thanks to lidar navigation and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology. The first pass takes longer because it has to map all the rooms in your house. He then increases efficiency by adjusting his trajectory as much as possible.

Neabot NoMo autonomie

Strong and Quiet

The Neabot robot vacuum cleaner has three grades: small, medium and strong, corresponding to 700 Pa, 1,200 Pa and 2,700 Pa respectively. With an amazing suction power of 2,700 Pa, the Neabot NoMo is capable of removing almost all dirt and stains, even the most stubborn ones. In addition, this cleaning robot has two side brushes and one roller brush to remove, extract and absorb dirt.

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