Neabot NoMo Q11

No more dust, no more manual disposal
neabot nomo n2 robot vacuum

Neabot NoMo N2

Self-emptying 3-in-1 Robot Vacuum

Neabot P1 Pro

Loving your pets has never been so easy!
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AI Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Automatic Suction Boost On Carpet

3.4 Inch Slim Body

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"I've used the Neabot and I'm reasonably happy with its performance, deftly able to avoid all those robo vacuum sand traps "

"The Neabot NoMo Q11 robot vacuum looks 'futuristic-retro' -- quite unlike most of the other robot vacuums "

"It rarely gets stuck, it boasts better battery life than most of the competition, and it can empty its own dustbin into a bag, significantly limiting your exposure to dust. "

"The Neabot can handle entire floors with ease and also manages some spot-cleaning features using the rudimentary laser scans it creates of your house."

"Neobot NoMo cleans my house daily and effortlessly, and I gained 30+ minutes more of personal time!"

This awesome robot is saving us time and keeping our floors and carpet very tidy.

Thanks to the robot, I don't have to vacuum from now on. I'm so glad!

Ideal for animals that shed a lot of hair. It can also clean clothes, carpet, sofa ...